My childhood is a period of time that I remember fondly—even in spite of the numerous questionable fashion choices and countless awkward stages! During my formative years, and still today, my family interactions gave me confidence, encouragement and stability. Sadly, this is the not the case for all too many children.

As a life-long Normanite, one of the things that always makes me proud of our community is our ability to celebrate our differences and support the members of our community that have the least. Combine that giving spirit with OU football and you have the magic that is the Citizen’s Advisory Board Coaches Luncheon. Thanks to the generosity and philanthropic commitment of the OU football coaching staff, this event offers the unique combination of Sooner Spirit with a meaningful purpose and positive outcome. We use the coaches luncheon to highlight the needs of the children in the Cleveland County Child Welfare foster care system. These outstanding kiddos have been dealt a tough hand. Through no fault of their own, they are no longer living with their parents and often times have also been separated from their siblings.

When I reflect on my own childhood, I can think of no greater tragedy than to be separated from my parents—the only caregivers I had ever known—AND my brother. This is the reality of many of our children’s lives. While in the foster care system they encounter dedicated case workers and generous foster families, but sometimes that is still not enough. This is where we come in, to provide a sense of external normalcy. This takes the form of financial support to meet emergency needs (beds to sleep in, clothes to wear, etc.), sibling events where they can be reunited with their brothers and sisters, financial support for school activities and sports teams, even presents at Christmas time. The OU Football Coaches Luncheon is our main fundraiser of the year and empowers our volunteer-only organization to meet children’s needs throughout the year. It also serves as proof positive of Sooners helping Sooners. Won’t you join us this year to help the children who far too often get overlooked or forgotten?

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Autumn McMahon
Coaches Luncheon Chair