I joined CAB in 2012.  I was lucky enough to be involved in Secret Santa in 2011, because a friend was heavily involved with the project that year.  I so enjoyed the experience, that I immediately asked to join the board and I have been an active participant ever since.

We on the board each have our own skill sets that make us successful as a whole.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the members of the board who put their hearts and souls into our various projects, whether that’s Secret Santa, the Coaches Luncheon, or our ongoing special services throughout the year.  Each project takes a different group of people to really make a difference.

I cannot imagine growing up without experiencing the magic of the holiday season.  The Secret Santa project is near and dear to my heart, because I think every child should have the opportunity to experience a little magic in their lives once and a while.  To know that others care for them, simply because someone should.  It is my hope that we at CAB can help the children in Cleveland County experience that magic in some small way during the holidays.