Abby and Gabe are two homeschooled kids within Cleveland County. They have been heavily involved with Secret Santa for the past three years. Here are their thoughts on CAB and Secret Santa:

Abby: “I really love that our mom can plan our school schedule around Secret Santa. We work hard in the fall and in the spring so that we can take off most of December and help a bunch with Secret Santa. All the gifts are checked in at my mom’s office, so we get to be very involved with the whole check-in process. I really like going through the kids’ wish lists and finding the kids with similar interests as mine. I save my money so that I can shop for those kids! My favorite part of Secret Santa is the morning that all the collected presents are delivered in big trucks to the fairgrounds. The volunteers make long lines to help firemen carry all the presents in and they make a mountain of gifts!! I’m so happy that we can help so many kids in our area. I worry that there are so many kids to help that we will run out of money before we can help them all.”

Gabe: “CAB is an awesome organization that helps local families when they need it. My favorite project of CAB’s is Secret Santa. I spend a lot of time organizing the presents at my mom’s office and at the fairgrounds to make sure that each kid gets things they asked for from their wish list. I really enjoy seeing the faces of the families when they come in to pick up their gifts.”

Please come and join Gabe and Abby this holiday season to shop, organize and deliver presents to families in Cleveland County!